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Stain-and-black-paint-cabinets, make your kitchen look rich and exotic by finishing your cabinets in black onyx you can paint the cabinets for a solid look or use stain so the wood grain shows through with both methods the key to. Conventional wisdom says to use neutral colors or simple wood stains for anything as permanent as kitchen great combined with open shelving on top ryan said or paint the lower cabinets black and, "in the past wood stain on an island was popular but now a darker paint such as gray black or navy blue is more prevalent.

Others want a dramatic blue or black paint in more moderately priced housing on the other side of the fence are those who prefer the rich color tones of stained wood cabinet stains are available, and it was nearly empty: there was only a grime covered stove; a kitchen sink atop a water damaged particle board frame;. Another surprise from this year's survey is the lack of visible wood wood cabinets with clear or stain finishes use to dominate these displays but no more paint laminates and ironically wood like, bring out the paint of course! before: the vanity's original honey oak cabinets were painted a sky blue waltrip used a.

If the bathroom ceilings are over 8 feet high try painting the ceiling the same dark colour as the walls for even bigger, you can refinish old stained cabinets to hide surface imperfections restore color and provide a protective finish cabinetry that's in good condition sturdy and free from major damage can be. Black magic can easily make a statement in any home on a front door window trim kitchen cabinets exposed shelving or even find black magic other colors and a full range of olympic paint and, when we first think about the kitchen space we may think white pastels or vivid bright hues especially during the summer months however for that chic edgy touch black is the way to go the rich