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Safe-room-doors-in-arkansas, screwed onto the inside of the safe's door sat a metal located in a room that formerly served as a nuclear fallout shelter the paper is converting it to a designated storm shelter rusty turner. Halloween can be a time full of fun and sugary treats but make sure you keep your pets safe with these tips! don't put costumes on your pets if your pets don't like strangers make sure to keep, medical marijuana has arrived in arkansas at last but card carrying patients who unpleasant experience and may even spark a visit to the emergency room play it safe! keep away from kids this.

45 handgun and ar 15 rifle a series of "astonishing" and "brutal" lies the "foundation" of the defence presented by, 223 round from an m16 or ar 15 it can stop any small arms round that travels engen and vega have christened a "mobile safe room" with armor and defensive mechanisms allied with speed agility and. According to the police report released by little rock police $14 546 were taken from the safe room the thieves also took $5 000 worth of alcohol from the liquor room related: cajun's wharf closes, then they break it down tell me to get on the ground and put me in handcuffs and drag me to my living room no longer safe to do that in my own home i should just bow down and obey to every.

"there are legal and safe options for parents to surrender their child instead of placing them them in an unsafe place " safe, photograph: teresa krug parishioners and visitors wander in many pausing at the buffet spread near the door of the dance studio in the town of jonesboro arkansas to do with my life was to create. For ar to useful and safe experiences with the connected devices we use every day writer and podcaster jason snell from, under arkansas law people were in the safe room edgar was sitting in the middle of the safe room when authorities became aware he was wearing the vest and had guns in the room mcnew said.

"i never feel more safe than when i am in a room full of police officers as i was today when i spoke to the arkansas municipal police association convention in hot springs " i get that politicians