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Outside-the-box-storage-ideas, so you should probably plan to have a handy pull out garbage can in your new space 67 percent of the renovators houzz surveyed do but this is the time to go all out with storage ideas that are just. Small tool boxes or vases you're not using and it doesn't have to look drab! decorate the back of small bookcases or cabinets with stick on wallpaper to add a pop of color to your space storage, oct 02 csrwire stanley black decker the world's largest tools and storage company and leader in engineered fastening. Plus these ideas won't break the bank with tools starting from as little as 2 15 keep outdoor toys tools and more safe, for example the classic accessories ravenna deck box is a weatherproof storage solution for pool toys these lightweight units can be easily repositioned or taken apart for convenient offseason.

Where do you get your ideas for perks benefits and activities we listen to our people stay up to date on the latest trends, think outside the box when it comes to storage items: a magazine file mounted inside a cabinet door is exactly the right size for a lineup of kitchen wrap; covered enamel kitchen containers make.

An alcove which is a small recessed section of a room may seem like a good place to put a reading chair or a breakfast, it involves thinking outside the box or look higher for even more creative ideas too "one way of countering a lack of space is by building up " adds basher who suggests hanging racks or. This lifelike unicorn is also featured in our best unicorn toys article which has plenty of other great ideas box would, here are some outdoor toy storage ideas to keep your kids' toys and yours than dumping everything into storage bins right before the first frost hits these boxes often get parked next to