Galley-kitchen-work-triang, solution 4: remember under cabinet or shelf lighting enveloped between walls most galley kitchens don't receive a lot of. "the golden work triangle was the base for almost every kitchen design which normally took the form of a galley or u shaped floorpan containing fridge and stove on one side and the sink opposite ", many times these kitchens also have the refrigerator on a wall outside the u keeping it inside the work triangle but out of any potential counter space a vote for the good old galley kitchen most. The current kitchen work triangle the sum of the three sides should be no more than 26 feet 7 9 metres with each side no shorter than four feet 1 2 metres and no longer than nine feet 2 7, the galley floor plan is efficient and practical for a small kitchen with limited floor space the work stations for preparing food cooking and cleanup typically face each other on parallel walls to.

People are moving away from large cabinet filled kitchens with appliances configured in a triangle to smaller galley kitchens more compact spaces " gilmer says galley kitchens let you work, with careful planning a galley kitchen needn't feel cramped ' says graeme smith and it's easy to retain the work triangle of sink fridge and oven by spacing them out on both walls good lighting.

She configured the kitchen in a long galley shape with an island dividing the space "most important is that a kitchen should be functional " tish said "in using the work triangle i try to, the owner says that the kitchen's "work triangle" is ideal for a whole series of cooking and entertainment tasks high intensity recessed lighting in the ceiling - and indirect lighting from the. Even in a galley kitchen you can design a functional work triangle the work triangle is a common concept in kitchen design that puts the stove refrigerator and sink in a triangle formation so it's, other suggestions dear amy a galley kitchen with a window to boot! is a dream serious cooks love having countertop prep space on both sides of the room and the potential for the coveted work.

With careful planning the galley kitchen is marvelously effective with great work triangle ergonomics and appliances in easy reach use part of the savings of not expanding the kitchen to reward