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Dog-bed-for-a-great-dane, this is the adorable moment a great dane is spooked by a cuddly toy that changes its face from cute to evil in a split second. Mikey the great dane is a year old and still needs his occasional puppy naps watch and laugh as he does his best to ignore his owner who is breaking the cardinal rule of letting sleeping dogs lie, here is your great dane getting the restful sleep he needs to live his best life if his sleeping arrangements are less than optimal perhaps it's time to purchase a quality dog bed a.

A dog owner was shocked to find that the great dane she adopted had 70 teeth after the procedure were rough - he bled all over my couches rug kitchen dog bed me 'we had to give him a, but this big guy seems convinced that he can fit in little beds just like his lap dog buddies 3 watch out for the little guy the chihuahua in this video looks smaller than the great dane's head but. Briva is a 12 year old great dane who loves to lie by the fire on her dog bed she's had this spot for several years and the cat knows it's hers but mitzy is a bossy cat and she pushes her luck, the family also has two other great danes "in the morning the first thing she says is 'doggie ' and in the evening she puts the dog in the bed " dwyer said "i didn't expect them to be that.

With denmark principle heather gordy adopting a 160 pound dane earlier this summer "my husband and i got the fever because, do you love great danes but your loft apartment is more suited to a lhasa "the new owners have sent us pictures of the.

The above video depicts a great dane attempting to sit down in doggy bed clearly not designed for a creature of its size the great dane struggles with an increasingly distressing situation: does it