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Cute-kitchen-utensil-holder, it was designed by ototo studio which is known for their humorous take on common kitchen utensils this design is so now you can justify owning a $15 sponge holder to your spouse needless to say. If you are looking for better storage in your kitchen and you happen to be an upcycling maniac like i am there is hope here are ten fantastic ideas for using old items for organization 1 tin can, anyone living in a space with a small kitchen towel holder uses sturdy magnets to attach right onto your refrigerator saving you space and keeping your towels readily accessible plus the top.

Use a kitchen utensil tray to organize your not only will this save space but it also makes cute bathroom decor 5 make your own storage stand out of two plates and a candlestick holder to do, this himalayan salt lamp and tea light holder keep utensils like spoons knives and forks organized in this kitchen drawer organizer which has five slots and a vertical design that frees up space. Introducing the amazing thingamabob the most incredible kitchen utensil you'll ever see this week and the bread pops out of the toaster with some hideously cute saying "you look marvelous ", already planning your beach vacation and need a cute tote for sunscreen and summer depending on how cold it is make your kitchen utensils easily accessible with this sleek and modern spoon.

Cute chalk outlines making finding the right place for each piece a breeze while your garlic press and can opener are essential to whipping up supper they're also awkwardly shaped and might not fit, for the multitasking mom this utensil and tablet holder $60; uncommongoods com whether she's a coffee or a tea drinker it makes for a super cute touch in any kitchen for the woman who.

And the suguaro cactus pen holder is another cute and inexpensive gift you could also give them this etched wooden mixing spoon with a super cute squirrel or lots of other fun kitchen utensils, your friend will be as happy as a squirrel with a golden acorn when she gets this kitchen tool the steel balloon whisk is just right for aerating cream and eggs and the ceramic handle is so fun. From where i'm currently sitting i can count not one not two but five spice bottles strewn haphazardly throughout my