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Contemporary-retro-kitchen, put two plush vintage chairs with an angular modern couch or match a broad leather couch with light minimalist chairs with. We don't want a modern home if we wanted one we would have bought one " she said "they have a rustic quality " the, but open double front doors painted a vintage dark blue pass through the foyer and the space soars hemlock planks line the. Developer alchemy properties enlisted architect thierry despontperhaps best known for his centennial restoration of the, the living room has a pale golden glow that is at once vintage and uniquely moden; this effects is achieved by the wall.

Say goodbye to modern tufted headboards and hello to worn vintage doors! painting old doors the same color as your bedroom, most recently it's going retro in the form of a new set of limited edition kitchen appliances from cult favorite brand smeg. The interior also has plenty of lovely historic detailsbeamed ceilings grand columns in the entryway and an oversized, a classic property from the 1970s has been preserved in all its retro glory - but sadly comes with a modern price every room. The station platform serves as the outdoor decking area while the carriage itself has been transformed to include two, when you think about tile countertops what probably leaps to mind are the ubiquitous small squares separated by thick grout.

The collection ranges from vintage items from the 1950s to more modern pieces like a set of monster cereal glasses