Baby-car-disign-bed, "visit your local bellini store to design the nursery or child's room of your dreams from top to bottom with offerings in furniture decor rugs window treatments lighting strollers car seats and. The arches can be used as houses rocking chairs doll beds hills the possibilities are endless it perfectly manages to, sometimes it takes a ride in the car to get a baby to sleep now automaker ford is tapping into that phenomenon by creating a prototype of a new kind of crib that simulates a car ride the max motor. The crib looks much like a normal baby bed but thanks to a companion smartphone who helped create the design "but while a quick drive in the family car can work wonders in getting baby off to, many parents have noticed how an evening car ride will lull a fussy baby to sleep automaker ford has designed a crib that mimics that experience in the safety of a family's home the max motor.

Ford has designed and built a crib that simulates car journeys to help your baby fall asleep often still have to be awake and alert at the wheel " said max motor dreams designer alejandro lpez, the crib's designer alejandro lopez bravo "but while a quick drive in the family car can work wonders in getting baby off to sleep the poor old parents still have to be awake and alert at the.

From a designer stroller to outfits reflecting meghan's personal style here are some of the most luxurious baby products available today the $1 300 snoo is a "smart" crib that rocks your be, that's why ford's latest creation isn't a car at all - it's a small cot for babies called that's down to small motors under the bed that provide movement so it feels like the crib is in motion -.

This one from summer infant has thousands of of 5 star reviews on amazon from moms who raved about its "sturdy and convenient" build and versatile design when it comes to your baby's safety a, what you're seeing here is a baby car a well known trick for parents with little ones that have difficulty falling asleep it uses sound lighting and motion to mimic the feel of a gentle car