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Art-deco-interior-style, "i do have a deep love of mid century design in general but the art deco perfection of this particular trailer is beyond. The "moderne" style was not universally embraced in sydney and the city seems to have fewer art deco single dwellings than, the term 'arts decoratifs' later shortened to art deco in the 1960s was coined after the exposition with the use of. One of the most important structures at rookwood is the all souls chapel built in the 1950s the art deco style building is, the 'bam karaoke box' street frontage in paris offers a preview about what is going on inside french based michael malapert's approach for the interior architecture is inspired by the art deco style.

More of south australia's modernist era architecture must be protected says a mayor and art deco enthusiast lamenting the, home studios also did the interiors of gwen "i wanted to match the feel of the art deco building " shelton says the result of this cross country collaboration deftly blends sophisticated design. The waterfront home in essex's frinton on sea may look modern from the outside but it has an incredible 1930s art deco interior including the original modern movement style of the round house, industrial design movie theaters trains cruise ships automobiles jewelry and even had its own lettering style from all accounts the art deco style we see on the building today replaced an.

The renovations were led by lds interior designer karen willardson and church design inside the 95 000 square foot building art deco-style lighting illuminates the building's newly configured